Haircare for Rainy Days


thunder skies. heavy drizzles. blurry vision. slumbery moon. lazy days…

Rainy days have come upon us again! For most girls, means messy hair and transparent clothes (well it is!). Maybe you were running home after a class when the sky became really cloudy, but still got caught in the rain. Or you attempted a Hollywood kiss in the rain with the boo…

However the rain treats you, there are certain things we naturals  have to look out for this season:


A humectant is a substance that attracts and retains moisture from its surroundings, often found in hair and skin products. Its best used now that the air is so humid. You want to take advantage of that, because moisture is about the most important thing for your hair, and you want to get as much of it as possible.

The best humectants for natural hair and skin are glycerin, honey and aloe vera. Apart from their humectant nature, honey is a natural emollient, antioxidant and also contains anti-bacterial and antiseptic functions, while aloe vera helps to fight frizz and treat dandruff.

  • Look out for deep conditioners, leave-ins and other products with one or more of these ingredients, or you could easily add a humectant to your deep conditoners or shampoo.
  • You can make your own deep conditioner using these ingredients with tons of DIY recipes online.
  • Go ahead and add a humectant to your daily spritz bottle and use it as often as you wish through the day (check out the AfroPelo Shop).

Note: if you would be using the honey or aloe vera spritz, you shouldn’t keep it longer than a week. You should empty the content and make another, to prevent bacteria from settling at the bottom.


Moisture, not Rain Water

I know we said moisture, and we want lots of it, but rainwater isn’t exactly what we mean. If you unfortunately, have been caught in the rain and your hair is soaked up with rainwater, never leave it like that to dry up. A large amount of the rain water is polluted in some way (thanks to emissions from engine, Industries and generally human interactions), leaving it in your hair is detrimental to its health. You would also agree with me, that your hair gets really itchy with rain water. When you finally get home, take a nice shower (to make you feel better), and co-wash your hair with a mild conditioner or do an ACV(Apple Cider Vinegar) rinse; this would help get rid  of the dirt and restore moisture balance to it. Then, moisturize with a leave-in or your humectant spritz and apply oils of your choice. I use a variety of oils. You may also want to use the AfroPelo whipped butter to seal in moisture.

Shower Caps

As common as this is, it is really important. Whether you’re in a protective style, or leaving your hair out, this is really important to minimize the amount of water getting into your hair. Throughout this season, keep a shower cap in your bag or purse wherever you’re going because you never know when the rain would catch you. Protect that hair as much as possible.


Protective Styles

At this time, I wouldn’t advise weaves, cause it would get damp and smelly and this is the perfect habitat for fungi;  you don’t want fungi growing on your head now, do you? If you however insist on the weaves or you already have it on, don’t forget your shower cap, take two if possible and blow dry if you can whenever the rain gets you. Also, PLEEAAASSEE take that weave off after a month. One month is enough right now, cause even if you protect and dry it, residue will always get to scalp and add to build-up. Wash, deep condition and moisturize and if you still want to rock that weave, you can put it on for another month or less.

You can, however have braids or twist extensions, cause you could easily cleanse and dry it better.


Hair Styles

Imagine spending about an hour in front of the mirror, trying to get the perfect style, then you finally get it right, only to have it ruined by the rain! yh we’ve all been there. Keep the following in mind when styling your natural hair:

  • This is definitely not a good time for your twist-out, cause these are best worn dry.
  • Make use of bobby pins. Whatever style you’re trying to achieve, hold your hair down with this, to keep it firmly in place.
  • If you have a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro), keep styles simple or accessorize a little
  • If you have longer hair, go for a puff; this is about the easiest style for naturals, and gives your hair room to breath. Never use rubber bands on your hair, as it will pull and snag and ultimately lead to breakage; rather use a band, old pantyhose/leggings or a bra strap (yes, bra strap) instead and pull as far back as your hair can go.
    I used my old pantyhose for this
  • If the puff gets boring, go for a bun for longer hair


  • and for shorter hair, try a cinnabun. Below, is the link to a video by Adeea Rogers that gives the perfect cinnabun tutorial.
  • And then the goddess braid. I personally love this style cause this is one style you can keep for two or three days (if it doesn’t get soaked with rain), provided you sleep with your Satin Scarf, and secure properly with bobby pins. It would also stay in place no matter how bad the wind gets, if its done properly.
    or go dynamic with extensions for this style

    goddess braid



Above all, don’t forget to enjoy the rain. Take tea at night, have hot suya another day, and get the best out of your sleep.

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  1. fikayo says:

    can we do crochet braids…it’s a protective style oo right??


  2. tosinfarai says:

    Lol hmm I guess you can. Since you have some access to your scalp, you can easily dry it if it gets wet, and also cowash.


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