5 Reasons to Deep Condition


Deep Conditioning (DC) is about the most important part of your routine. Most people feel its unnecessary and so try to escape this part. However,  it goes a long way in maintaining the health of your hair, keeping it soft, manageable, strong and much less prone to breakage.

5 major reasons you should Deep Condition

1. To Treat Dry Hair: As mentioned in my previous post on Hair Types, our African hair is naturally dry, brittle and frizzy. Its normal. It is why we all run to relaxers. Dry hair is the reason your hair looks dull and combing out feels so painful. It’s also whats keeping your hair from growing.  Deep Conditioning is just what is needed to give your hair that moisture back.

2. Restore damage from color processing: Believe it or not, dyeing your hair makes strands weak and more porous, which in turn leads to breakage, and in fact gives your colored hair a dull look. However, proper deep conditioning can restore moisture, strength and shine to the hair; bringing out the color.

3. keep hair moisturized: When your hair is moisturized,  its soft, manageable and shiny. It looks really good. Apart from your regular routine of moisturizing, you need something that can work its way directly into each curly strand of hair; here’s where the deep conditioner comes in.

4. Reverse Damage from Heat Styling: You got tired of those curls and decided to straighten, or you went for a heat blow dry. Having so much heat (dry heat) too often in your hair, makes it weak and highly prone to breakage. It also sometimes has a permanent effect, meaning some strands would loose their curl pattern, and stand out from the others. First, you would want to reduce heat styling; but if you’ve been doing this already, proper deep conditioning would help restore this strength and define curls.

5. Length Retention: Finally, this is the part everyone loves. You’re complaining that your hair isn’t growing… its most likely because you don’t deep condition. Hair that is healthy, free from split ends and breakage will surely grow. Focus on the health of your hair and it will grow.


Experiment with different commercial deep conditioners, make your own DIY conditioner using various foodstuff  (If it’s good for your stomach, its most likely good for your hair. lol) or natural oils or both, or mix the commercial conditioners with the natural. What works for someone else might not work for you, but it never hurts to try.

Using heat when deep conditioning is essential, as it allows penetration into strands. This can be done using the following methods:
1. Always put on your shower cap/plastic nylon after applying the conditioner on your hair. This uses your body temperature to heat up the conditioner.
2. For some extra heat,place the conditioner in a hot water bath before applying the conditioner to your hair.
3. For even more heat, use a steam cap, a blow/hooded drier, or just simply use a steamed towel.

Deep Conditioners are not to be left on the hair for more than 30mins as this may defeat the purpose of reducing dryness; only natural oils can be left overnight.


Deep condition…deep condition and deep condition some more! It can never be overrated





4 Comments Add yours

  1. Oyinkansola says:

    Good post hun, the awareness of deep conditioning is so low in this part of the country. Most people ask me what is deep conditioning, not until i say steaming is when they say ‘oh, is it that important, i steam once in 6 months’.


    1. tosinfarai says:

      Lol. I face the same problem with people. They don’t get the importance!


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