I just had the BIG CHOP. What next?

So you just took the first bold step, you did the BIG CHOP! How does it feel? you look at yourself in the mirror and you’re like, “what do I look like?”. Yh I remember that feeling..


Then there’s the fear of whether or not your hair would grow. Like what if it never grows? I have to admit, for some its like the hair just never grows back, just seems to stay at the same point for so long, its probably cause they’re doing the wrong things, or maybe nothing at all.

Now the first thing to know about natural is MOISTURE IS KEY

There’s no better way to say it. From conditioning, to cleansing, to moisturizing… it all goes down to the maintaining moisture. Moisture Retention IS length Retention.

So the question now is how do you retain length in your teeny weeny afro?

Cleanse: Some naturals encourage washing every week, some every other week, some longer. You just learn to work with whatever you’re comfortable with. Dry your natural hair with a soft cotton Tshirt, rather than a towel; this is because a towel could strip your hair of moisture causing frizz.

Deep Conditioning: Now this the most important part of your regimen. If you don’t understand the necessity of this, then read this post. Aim at doing a deep conditioning treatment once every week, this goes a long way in maintaining length and preventing breakage.

Moisturize: So you’ve managed to do the right deep conditioning treatment, you want to keep it looking good and soft, moisturizing comes in here. This basically involves adding moisture (water or water-based leave-in conditioner) and sealing with an oil, butter or cream. My natural hair loves natural butters and oils, so I use the Afropelo whipped butter which you can get from the afropelo shop .

Cowash: At this stage, your hair gets dry often, so it needs to be moisturized more within the week. Apart from the weekly deep conditioning, cowashing has additional moisturizing benefits. Try cowashing once or twice a week. Read more about cowashing right here.

Protective Styling: This is very important, since you want your hair to grow out. When I first cut my hair, I wore a wig for two months, and did my regular deep conditioning and moisturizing routine. This really helped to grow it out. You could also braid, as this helps to gently pull out the hair and protect it from breakage, just make sure your properly cleanse, deep condition and moisturize before.

Night Routine: At night, you would turn and roll and rub your hair on your cotton pillow causing friction, which leads to frizz and dryness. First of all, throw that hair net away…like forever; and get used to sleeping with a satin/silk scarf or pillowcase; even in your protective style, to keep your natural hair from drying out. You might also do a quick re-moisturizing by spritzing your hair with water in a spritz bottle.

Patience: If you do the right things it will grow, just keep calm, and focus on the health of your hair. Understand what it needs, what works best for you and how to maintain moisture. Patience is key to long hair!

ROCK IT! Embrace your new look. It might feel weird right now, especially if you used to have really long relaxed hair. Keep calm it’ll grow back, and even longer and healthier; but meanwhile, make the best of this stage that you are right now.

Try a twist out



The wash ‘n’ go



 Or if you’re crazy, you could dye it!



Though keep in mind, that dyed hair needs extra care for growth. You would need to incorporate the protein DC into your regimen.

Finally, don’t forget to ACCESSORIZE!



So go ahead, enjoy the shower rush through your hair and the fresh air on your scalp! Embrace the new look, get to understand your hair type and love your natural hair right from this baby stage.

Any questions? Comment below and give your ideas on how you are maintaining or maintained your TWA.

If you want to go private, subscribe to my BBM channel, and chat me up.

Cheers 😉


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