How to Moisturize Dry Hair 

Our hair is naturally dry and hard. Deep conditioning helps to reduce this, but isn’t sufficient, especially since it is bad practice to deep condition hair too often.
Moisturizing is simply adding moisture and retaining this moisture. Just like our bodies need water constantly to stay fresh and healthy, our hair needs that as well. Here’s a breakdown of moisturizing curly hair:

How to moisturize

The LOC/LCO Method


L – Liquid/Leave-in. Either water or a water-based leave-in.
O – Oil. All natural oil/oil mix.
C – Cream.


  • Max of three times a week is enough, as this method causes build-up and your hair could get dirty and itchy with too much. However, have a light spritz at hand, either a DIY or ready-made product, to refresh your curls often.
  • Don’t go too heavy with your oil and hair cream. If you use an already thick creamy leave-in, then use little cream or no cream at all.
  • Experts say the LCO works best for low-po hair. Try it and find out for yourself.


When to Moisturize

  1. Moisturize every time you deep condition.
  2. Moisturize in between deep conditions if you have highly porous hair or your hair feels extra dry (mostly during harmattan/winter).
  3. Moisturize after cowashing.

What of moisturizers?
The good manufacturers make their leave-in or cream to have moisturizing effects (you would know this if the first ingredient is water/aqua), so you can use them as your moisturizers, while some others simply make products tagged ‘moisturizers’, they’re all the same, some more effective than others. They are used alone on a more regular basis than the full LOC/LCO method, like your hair spritz. Sometimes, its needed, for example a twist-out or flat iron straightening could be ruined if water touches it, but you still need to moisturize it, a moisturizer might be employed here, or if a spritz seems too light for maybe the weather or something, one could use a moisturizer. But keep in mind that too much causes build-up.

The Scalp Massage
A regular scalp massage is very important. Skipping this is the cause of a dry and itchy scalp often confused with dandruff. Infact, using the right oil to massage helps to fight dandruff and scalp infections. It also increases blood flow to the scalp which stimulates hair growth.

The Satin/Silk
I won’t end without pointing this out. You could have the best products, use the best methods and in one night, go back to the dry, hard hair. Why? Well your pillows, and bed sheets are mostly cotton and this allows friction between your hair and the piece, causing a lot of moisture loss. Satin or silk materials protect your hair from this due to their nature. NEVER EVER sleep without your satin/silk piece (scarf, bonnet or pillowcase).

Moisturize! Moisturize!! Moisturize!!!

Keep that baby soft and hydrated and save yourself a lot of stress when you detangling. Properly moisturized hair is soft, shiny and looks really good when styled. Moisturized hair is overall healthy hair.

How do you moisturize? Share below

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