How to Protect Your Hair During the Harmatthan 

Dry again. All the cracky lips and lotions that never seem to work. Oh and the worst part, this dust! Urgh, I hate that part, can’t even breathe properly. As much as you hate it, your hair hates it even more; it gets dry so easily, breaks more often and then it feels so hard to comb. I’ve got a few tips to keep her happy this season:

Stretch Wash days
Soaps and Shampoos tend to dry hair and skin; it’s part of their cleansing properties. This season makes your hair dry enough, you don’t want any more dryness. Simply cowashing often with a moisturizing conditioner keeps it clean and dust-free. When you really have to wash, make sure to condition. 

Deep Condition like it’s Food!
Deep Condition at least once a week. Add oils to your deep conditioner to help coat strands and add protection.

Hot Oil
Depending on your products and hair type, your hair could still get dry soon enough. The hot oil treatment is another treatment to incorporate to protect your hair and maintain moisture. Oils are natural, thick and have conditioning properties. You could alternate with the deep conditioner or use it midweek, it all depends on you.

Protective Styling
This is definitely not the time for the puff. However, it is the time to rock that weave you’ve been drooling over. If you’re not ready to deep condition and for all the time it takes to maintain your hair, then going for a PS is the way. Deep Condition, moisturize and install your extensions, or wear a style with your own hair for 5-7 days.

Scalp Massage and Moisturize
Massage your scalp with oils as often as possible to prevent it from drying. This stops the itching and flaking. Moisturize and seal hair strands with thick creams that contain butter.

Carry a small spritz bottle in your purse to refresh your curls often and be sure to spritz every night, even in a protective style to keep it moisturized. Get an already produced spritz from your local store or make your own DIY with clean water and oil.

Less Humectant
Humectants are better explained in this post on Rainy Days. Categorically, they draw moisture from their environment, but since the environment is really dry, they tend to draw moisture from your hair, causing even more dryness.

Cover up
Most importantly, never skip your satin scarf at night. For more protection during the day, rock a scarf/head wrap or hat to completely protect your hair from the dust.

Eat Well
The best hair care comes from within. Plus you don’t want the weather to spoil your glow! Drinks lots of water to stay hydrated, take lots of fruits and vegetables to keep your system active and your skin shiny.


How have you been surviving the weather? Comment below

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