6 Simple but Effective DIY Moisturizing Spritz

If you’ve read my post on Moisturizing dry hair (right here), you’d know that having a spritz at hand helps to keep your curls refreshed and nourished. Now you could buy one or you could make yours.

Here are a few tips that would be very effective for you:

Pure Water
Water is Moisture. Moisture is Water! There’s no other way around it. Simply having a spritz bottle with you, containing water is just right for your hair. However, it’s important to note that hard water should be avoided, as well as dirty water, or water that you’re unsure of the source. Portable water is water fit for drinking, that would be perfect, but if you don’t want to waste your drinking water (and I don’t quite see why!), just be sure your tap water isn’t filled with harsh chemicals. If you can get distilled or filtered water, then that’s even better.

Sure, water is simply moisture, and moisture evaporates very easily and doesn’t contain nutrients your hair might need, so if you want a spritz for daily use, to moisturize and also nourish your hair, try the following:

Conditioner and Water
1 part of your favorite conditioner
2 parts water
This reduces the need to wash it off, like your average conditioner and gives it the effect of a leave-in.

Oil, Water, and Glycerin
This is a great one, and also my favorite.
1 part Oil
1/2 part glycerin
2 parts water
If you’re using a mixture of oils, mix them to form the one part of the whole mixture.
It’s ok if you don’t have glycerin, simply mix up the oil(s), and get your amazing spritz. Remember that oil and water don’t mix, so you have to shake it up every time you want to use it.

Honey and Water
Honey is a natural humectant and antioxidant, why not add it to your spritz and use daily!
1 part honey
3 parts water
As great as it is, it’s still honey, so insects and birds love it as much as your hair would! So be sure to dilute it properly, so your hair gets enough, but insects aren’t attracted to it.

ACV/Lemon Juice and Water
Apple Cider Vinegar is highly acidic and so reduces the pH of hair, keeping it balanced; the same effect can be gotten from Lemon Juice. If you are going to be using hard water, it is advised to add some of this to it, it would help in reducing the harshness of chemicals.1 part ACV/Lemon Juice
3 parts Water
If you’ve read my post on ways cleanse (right here), you’d know this has other advantages and so isn’t limited to your spritz alone.

Aloe Vera Gel and Water
Aloe Vera is also a humectant, and great for detangling. This spritz would be great for a DIY detangler. However, it is known that Aloe Vera could cause your low porosity hair (if that’s yours) to get dry, but it’s something to try out and determine whether or not your hair loves it.
1 part aloe vera gel
2 parts water


Remember these are mixtures containing water, they definitely would not stand the test of time as they are without preservatives. Keep it refrigerated for a week, or 3-4 days without a refrigerator. Make them in small batches, so you don’t waste the good stuff. Fortunately, they’re so easy to make!

There are so many other ideas you can try out, keep researching, keep mixing.


What do you use, and how do you use it?!

I get my spray bottles from House of Naturals.


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