Protective Styling Pt 1


For me, this is a major! Protective styling is simply a way of keeping your strands protected for a period of time, particularly your ends, such that there’s low manipulation because you don’t have to touch your hair or detangle, thereby, giving it some breathing space to grow naturally.

If you’re not one who enjoys deep conditioning and all the rules of maintaining your mane, (well actually, you have to!) you could reduce the frequency with protective styles. Even if you follow all these rules, and use the right products, protective styling is always a plus; and especially for busy ladies who have little time to style every morning, this is a perfect go-to method.

A protective style could be done with your own hair, or with extensions and it can last from a few days, to weeks, and maybe some months, depending how well you can maintain it…and how lazy you get.

In this post, I’ll be dealing with short term protective styles, that is, styles that you’ll carry for not more than 2 weeks. These are styles mostly done with your hair alone.
I’ll be sharing on how to keep them looking fresh and ensure you don’t get breakage during the time.

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Deep condition and moisturize
Deep condition as often as you mostly do (every 1 to 2 weeks), which is most likely how long you’d carry the style anyway. ALWAYS moisturize before any style, even if you don’t deep condition. This makes styling very easy and keeps it in place while you have the style in.

Cleanse if needed
So you don’t have to cleanse while the style is in. Ensure you get rid of buildup, so your hair can freely grow, and it doesn’t get itchy. Check out this post, for various ways to cleanse your hair.

Scalp Massage
Be sure to always do a proper scalp massage before each style with oil of your choice. This promotes blood flow, which assists growth. Massaging also reduces itchiness, so you don’t unravel your style.

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Satin Scarf

This is very important here. Since you’re probably using your own hair, it would definitely unravel when you sleep. Use a satin scarf to hold it in place and also prevent it from drying.

Either one bought from the store, or a DIY (check out ideas here); use this to moisturize your hair lightly. This helps to restore shine and keep your style in place. To avoid frizz, spritz every night and put your satin scarf to hold it down, by the next morning, it’s moisturized, shiny and you don’t have strands standing up.



Sleek edges add a lovely flair to your style. Don’t skip your edges while conditioning. Moisturized edges are soft, sleek and shiny. Edge control is most effective when your edges aren’t dry and hard.

Not only do protective styles keep your hair growing at a good rate, they also save you a lot of time, and they do look awesome!

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What styles are you wearing?

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