8 Secrets to Getting that Perfect Hairstyle you See Online

Still on the protective styling issue. I’ve gotten a lot of complaints from girls of how they see such lovely styles that look so easy on social media, but they never seem to get it right on their own. I’ve been through that a lot of times, so I know the feeling. I also know a few tricks to beat it!


 1. Deep Condition

I can never over-emphasise the importance of deep conditioning. Apart from the strength this gives your hair, it also makes it much more flexible and you’re better able to manipulate styles successfully.

2. Moisturize

The major reason you’re not getting those styles is because your hair is probably dry and shrunken. This makes styling extra difficult and causes unnecessary pain. Check this post on how to properly moisturize.

3. Stretch

About the shrinkage. Stretching is of major importance when styling. If your hair is shrunk, it gets very difficult to pull and get that style right, then the style would eventually look swollen in a pretty ugly manner, cause there are tangles inbetween. You don’t want that. Braid or twist your hair, preferably overnight, before taking it out to get the perfect style. 

4. Use a Spritz

Again with the moisturizing. Use a spritz or moisturizer to make your hair nicely soft and easy to style.

6. Look A little closer

Another reason you’re not getting that style is cause you see it once, and think ‘got it’, then you try to style and you didn’t really get it. Like every other thing in life, you have to look closer and properly understand what the professionals are doing, before getting it just right.  

7. Know your Length 


Seriously. Not every style can work for you, and you just have to accept that. Yes I know they look good, and I wish there were better ways but it just can’t work! Not now. If you try to copy a style for longer hair, apart from the struggle to make it, you’d get some ugly strands sticking out and some other unattractive drawbacks. Fortunately, stylists know this, so there’s a lot of variety for pretty much every length.
 8. Take your time

This has to be the most important rule. Sometimes they confess, sometimes they make it seem like it comes naturally, but these guys have been styling hair for a really long time, and even practise the styles a couple of times, before shooting a video for you to make it look super easy. In truth, it’s not so easy. So don’t beat yourself so much if you don’t get it the first time. Try again.
Hope that was helpful. Comment below or in Ig, and tell me the struggles you’ve had with manipulating styles. Would love to hear from you, as well as other tips I’ve managed to miss. 

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. fehintolaogunye says:

    My biggest challenge is styling my hair and when I watch videos on YouTube and IG, I’m like ‘Issa lie!’ lol. But seriously tho, I agree with your points esp the one on practise, looking closely and taking ones time.
    My first twist out was rubbish but by the third and fourth I got it.
    Great tips!



    1. olufarai says:

      Exactly! I used to have the same issue lots of times. Glad it was helpful


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