How to Stretch your Hair Without Heat in 7 Simple Steps

Shrinkage is Real!
Your hair gets clumped up, tangled and a lot difficult to do anything with. I should start by stressing the fact that you should never go to bed with your hair left out even if you have a satin piece on. It gets even worse when you sleep and turn on your bed, even during the day, you shouldn’t leave it out too often.

After washing, after deep conditioning, after detangling, you want to keep your hair stretched out so it doesn’t revert back to tangles. Try out the following methods to stretch your hair without heat, I have found them to be effective.


This is my favorite method of stretching. It’s so easy to make and takes very little to maintain. Even when you take it out, it gives a lovely definition (twist out). It might not be easy to get at first, as the twists tend to get loose easily, but practice makes perfect. You will get the hang of it eventually.



Some people find this easier to make than twists. I braid mostly when I have larger sections and I am in some hurry, this holds better than twists, but it does not look as good and aren’t as easily styled, so I don’t do them often. It will, however, stretch your hair out perfectly.

Protective Styles

My most recent posts have said a lot about protective styles (here, here and here). With protective styles, your hair is constantly stretched out and low maintenance is needed, another reason why it is so ‘protective’.

Banding Methods


Note: Rubber bands could cause breakage, and so should be avoided on your hair. Instead use any other kind of band or ponytail holder. You could also use small scarfs or headbands. I love how it gives this blown out wavy look when removed.

African Threading


Back to the past! When I was younger, this was my go-to style, my hair was always so soft and for once, didn’t almost break a comb, when I took it out! I had no idea, there was some science to that. These styles are slowly getting back into fashion, in some more trendy ways. So try it out, and don’t be shy to rock your African Heritage.



This is definitely the next thing I’m adding to my stock of hair tools. I absolutely love curlformers, it’s so easy to install, stretches the hair perfectly and gives a cute curl definition to any hair type.

Perm Rods and Flexi Rods


 These are the ones you get it two ways – perfectly stretched out hair and an incredibly ‘hawt’ style afterward. Note that your hair must be properly deep conditioned and moisturized to get those gorgeous curls without frizz.

That’s it!
How do you stretch your hair, and how often?

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. mayowasemire says:

    Hi there! Your blog is soo educative. Especially for people like me who never know what to do with their hair. Lol. Can you maybe do a post on stretching without definition?


    1. olufarai says:

      Hi! Thank you so much for that. I’m so glad to hear from you. Well the African threading and banding methods don’t give any particular definition, it just stretches it out and gives a natural blow out. Another method I didn’t quite mention is using a blow dryer, mordern blow dryers have a hot/cold regulator, so you could use the cold air so as to avoid any form of heat damage, it separates and stretches your hair out nicely.
      I hope this was helpful.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. fehintolaogunye says:

    I do the twists to stretch my hair immediately I’m done washing it. It’s so easy for me to do. I’ll love to try the flexi rod, perm rod and curlformer BUT I sometimes have 2 left hands when it comes to styling. Lol. Maybe one day soon.
    Although I try not to let shrinkage bother me tho.


    1. olufarai says:

      You should definitely try one of those. They’re very useful


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