DIY Deep Conditioners with Avocado

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Am I the only that has noticed that avocados have been around for a while? Nah don’t think so. For those who might not know what they are, they look just like this

Avocados whole and cut in half

Some people call them African pear. They’re awesome!

They are packed with lots of wonderful nutrients for your body, skin and of course your hair. With their highly fatty nature, they help to moisturize your hair, as well as strengthen it, which ultimately leads to growth.

Health Benefits of Avocados Infographic

The avocado oil which is extracted from the flesh of the fruit is high in vitamin e, and promotes growth when used to massage your hair.

Awesome stuff right?

Why I mostly love this fruit is how easy it is to use as a deep conditioner, and save me some money in the end.
So here are a few recipes for your DIY Avocado Deep Conditioners

Make sure you use a soft one. Not a rotten one, but one that you can squish with your palms. This makes it easy to blend.
– Use a blender or mixer. If you don’t have one, beat it as much as your energy can go. This makes it spread easier so you get maximum benefits from it.
– If you couldn’t get a smooth blend, use a strainer or sieve with tiny holes to ensure it’s extra smooth. The large particles can get stuck in your hair, this could get really messy! Take this from me.


1. Use it to enhance your regular conditioners.
Either deep or rinse out (check that here). To save on the deep conditioner or to add more nutrients to the rinse out. Just blend them as usual, and mix the blend with the conditioner, or use it first and follow with your conditioner, whichever works perfectly.


2. Avocado, banana and honey


The image says for sensitive skin, but its also great for hair. This is an all moisturizing deep conditioner, especially for dry hair. It contains the important constituents of deep conditioners. With the potassium in banana, the emollient and moisturizing properties of avocado and humectant property of honey to absorb the moisture. This is perfect to replenish your dry hair. You can make a little extra for a hydrating face mask!


3. Avocado and coconut milk


This was an amazing one by youtuber Praise Onaturals. Another moisturizing hair mask. I totally loved the transformation in her hair, was so dry and shrunken prior to the conditioning, and as soon as she was done, the difference was amazing!


4. Avocado, olive oil and egg


This is a DIY protein deep conditioning treatment. To fully understand the importance of a protein DC, check here. You could use a whole egg, yoke alone or the white alone depending on you. The protein in the yoke is more concentrated than the white, so you  might want to use the white if your hair is sensitive and might get too brittle, and simply fry the rest! You can use coconut oil if it works for your hair or mix both oils, it would get the job done perfectly!

5. Avocado, mayonnaise, olive oil and honey


This is also a protein deep conditioning treatment, but you can make it a light one by adding little mayonnaise. It all depends on your hair needs.  Any oil of your choice can as well be used here.


There are so many more DIY deep conditioners you can whip with avocado, and the benefits are endless!

What are your thoughts? Have you tried any or these? What were your results? Did I miss something? Let me hear from you

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