Hair Journey

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So let’s start with my hair journey…

Now, all through primary school and a little bit of secondary school, i always had natural hair; well mom never let us relax until secondary school. My hair was always so dry, so tangled! i hated it! Hairdressers complained so much about it cause along with the dryness, i had really thick hair; once a hairdresser actually took paracetamol after making my hair!

Eventually, i picked up the relaxer and slapped it over my hair. Now i had this image of long flowy oyinbo hair, but noo way! it looked like a rat died on my head! after about 3 times, it finally got to relax, and then i put rollers under the dryer and the result was amazing!

So i kept this up for a while; sometimes when my hair was due for relaxing, it’ll get so hard and thick and so difficult to maintain. But i never imagined, for once, cutting my hair.

After my A’levels, i had this long break, where i started experimenting stuff; trying new things…and then i stumbled on the team natural rush. It was everywhere, i saw girls growing gorgeous natural hair, and i just wanted it (guess thats everyone’s story!). I studied it some more, followed some really interesting youtubers, tried out different stuff with my hair and i learnt so much. Eventually, I began transitioning… and cause I’m so impatient, i cut it after about 3 months transitioning!

So lets do the maths…

my last relaxer – May, 2014

big chop – November, 2014



Cute right!

i studied some more…spent some stupid money on unnecessary products! But i learnt…i learnt a lot! i was always so bothered as to why those girls on instagram and pinterest had such fabulous hair, i tried using the same regimen (or so i thought) and it just didnt seem to work!

Its been 1 year and 2 months now, a lot of almost giving up, plenty protective styling (we’re going to talk on that later), now i think I’m finally getting it right…..NO not that its all right yet …nah I’m just getting it!


20151022_102148 - Copy




So i guess i kinda tried 🙂

I’ve come a long way, and i still have a long way to go.

There‘s so much I want to share.    

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