10 Tips for Detangling with Ease and Avoiding breakage 

Oh the struggle!

Detangling is one of the major causes of breakage, because we’re always so impatient with it. I do have a few tips to make the job a lot easier. Keep in mind, patience is always key.

1. Use a wide-tooth comb

These are the only type of comb you should use to detangle your hair, if you use those small ones with close teeth, now you know why you get so frustrated.

2. Work in sections


If your hair is long enough to plait without stress, then it’s time to begin sectioning. Most people try to comb the whole thing at once and that only leads to stress and hair breakage. This makes detangling a lot easier. The smaller your sections, the easier it is to detangle. Use a clip, band or bobby pin to hold each down.

3. Stretch
Curly hair would always tangle up again, so it’s best to keep it stretched out after detangling. No, I don’t mean straightening with heat, simply twist or braid each section of hair that has been detangled.
Be sure to do this before going to the salon to install extensions, so stylists don’t have to comb it, they tend to be rough.
Keep your hair stretched also while you sleep so it doesn’t shrink and tangle up again.

4. Finger Detangle
This is a habit to get used to. You don’t want to comb so often, definitely not daily, infact as few times as possible. Let’s be honest, no matter the comb you use, there would always be some strands left in between when you’re done, so obviously breakage is occurring. Use your fingers also, to separate stubborn knots that combs would usually break. Personally, I only comb after deep conditioning, to reduce breakage as much as possible.

5. Try a Detangler
Or a cheap conditioner. After shampooing or whenever you feel like detangling, apply some and finger detangle. Sometimes you won’t even need a comb. Some leave-ins also have detangling properties.

6. Work from Ends to Root


Start from the tip of your hair, not the middle and definitely not from the roots. Hold it while you detangle (like the above image), so you don’t cause aches for scalp, and work gently down to the roots.

7. Never work on dry/ very damp hair
Either ways, your hair is at it’s weakest. Use a spritz or leave-in to lightly moisturize, not dampen. I mostly detangle with a comb while I do the LOC (check that here).

8. Don’t skip the deep conditioner
Deep conditioning leaves your hair soft and moisturized. Makes detangling easier, and sometimes finger detangling is enough.

9. Never detangle immediately after taking off extensions
You’ve probably left your extensions for a month or more, and your hair would be weak at this point. Gently finger detangle with an oil or detangler, before washing, and don’t comb till after deep conditioning, when your hair is stronger and ready for it.

10. Never detangle in a rush
The longer your hair gets, the longer it would take to detangle. Be patient with it. Having such thick hair like mine, I would know, because I have had so much breakage and headache on some occasions cause I wasn’t patient with it. Take your time, watch a movie (like I would:)) and detangle properly.


Above all, be gentle with your hair, treat her like a baby! Might seem like a waste of time but it’s the only way you’ll really enjoy the journey.

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